Maryland Cannabis Public Health Advisory Council

The Cannabis Public Health Advisory Council was established in 2022 (Chapter 26, Acts of 2022) to study the public health impact of adult-use cannabis legalization in Maryland. The Council is also charged with making public health recommendations in the following areas: 

  • Youth cannabis use and prevention;

  • Data collection and reporting;

  • Youth behavioral health and educational outcomes;

  • ​Educational programs, including school-based initiatives; 

  • Public health campaigns;

  • Advertising, labeling, product testing, and quality control requirements;

  • Training for health care providers; and 

  • Best practices regarding requirements to reduce the appeal of cannabis to minors.

​Effective January 1, 2023, the Maryland Department of Health supports the Advisory Council in performing its duties, using funding from the Cannabis Public Health Fund, to provide staff support and technical assistance.




Dana Moncrief

201 West Preston Street

Baltimore, MD 21201


Next Council Meetings​​​:​

Cannabis Public Health Advisory Council

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

4-6 pm