Center for HIV Care Services:

Treatment, including health care, medication and support services, is available that can help people living with HIV in Maryland live longer, healthier lives. Researchers have developed drugs to fight HIV infection that, while not a cure, have greatly improved the health of many people living with HIV and AIDS by reducing the amount of virus circulating in the blood to nearly undetectable levels. Treatment is available regardless of whether a person living with HIV has health insurance or is able to pay for services.

It is important for anyone who tests HIV positive to see a doctor as soon as they learn their HIV state. If the individual does not have a health care provider or does not currently have health insurance, there are programs available to help the individual with HIV access medical care, medications and support services.

The following websites provide more information on HIV treatment and living with HIV infection:

  • National Institutes of Health: HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and research
  • Project Inform: Information, inspiration and advocacy for People Living with HIV/AIDS
  • AIDSInfonet: Information on HIV, treatment, medications, side effects, and alternative and complementary therapies
  • The Body : HIV/AIDS information collected from leading organizations and experts.