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Effective December 31, 2020, OCSA will no longer be accepting paper CDS applications for a new registration and renewal registration within the current renewal period.  Please go to the OCSA online website to register or renew a controlled dangerous substances registration.

OCSA is accepting paper CDS applications for an address change, name change, change of ownership, replacement/duplicate copy of CDS certificate, and expired renewal registration.  Please submit the CDS application​ to the Office of Controlled Substances Administration, 4201 Patterson Avenue, 5th floor, Baltimore, MD  21215.

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​​The Office of Controlled Substances Administration (OCSA)​

Coronavirus Disease 2019 

(COVID-19) Updates

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Controlled Dangerous Substances 

Frequently Asked Questions During 

Covid-19 (Updated May 15, 2020) 

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Coronavirus Resources, Registrant Updates and Out of State Waiver

Due to COVID-19, state office buildings are closed to the public.  For all inquiries, please email the Office of Controlled Substances Administration ​(OCSA).  We look forward to serving you.

At this time applications are still being received online and by mail, and OCSA is processing both new and renewal applications. 

Updates will be provided in response to this rapidly evolving situation.  All CDS Registrants should check this page oft​en for updates.​

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Effective March 12, 2020, the State of Maryland has suspended the expiration date on all licenses, including registrations issued by the OCSA, until 30 days after the end of the current State of Emergency due to COVID-19.  Please see the Mem​o​ for additional information on how this affects your CDS registration.

The OCSA enforces  the Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) Act and ensures the availability of drugs for legitimate medical and scientific purposes.  OCSA also issues CDS permits to practitioners, researchers, and establishments that administer, prescribe, dispense, distribute, manufacture, conduct research and conduct chemical analysis of CDS.
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