​​Contact OCSA

​​Contact OCSA

Main Office:

​​ ​Local: (410) 764-2890 

Toll Free: (866) 240-7458 

Fax Number: (410) 358-1793 ​

Pill Mill Tip Line: (888) 829-1115 

Email:​ Maryland.OCSA@maryland.gov 

Business Hours: 

Monday - Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM 

No Walk-ins Accepted 

​Holiday Sche​dule​

Customer Service Hours: 

 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ​


Kimberly Hiner, MPH

​O​PER Operations Manager: 

Sharein D. Greene

​ OPER Fiscal Manager: 

Andrea Mack​

OCSA ​​​Operations Manager:​

Sandra Yankosky 

Administrative Division Chief: 

Olivia A. James 

Administrative Staff: 

Sandra Cobb Tiffany Lovett

​​​​ Gillian Thomas​​​

Cynthia Whitehead 

Deepmala Century

Enforcement Division Chief: 

Lisa Guy, R.Ph. 

Enforcement Staff: 

Rachel Park, R.Ph. 

Andrew Klingler, R.Ph. 

Cecilia Nguyen​, R.Ph.​​

Bhavina Patel, R.PH.

Jeannie Shum, R.PH.

Robert Pelakakis 

Sharell Myers​