CDS Application

Notice to All Applicants:

Over the weekend of 12/4/2021, a network security incident occurred involving the Maryland Department of Health’s (MDH) information technology systems.  OCSA's access to its registrant database was affected by this.  

As a result of the cyber-attack on the Maryland Department of Health (MDH), the Office of Controlled Substances Administration (OCSA) issued temporary Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS) registration letters.  The MDH data systems have been restored and permanent CDS registrations will be issued.  If you have already applied to the OCSA you should not reapply.

Due to the large number of CDS temporary letters issued, the permanent registrations will take time to process.  The temporary letters have an expiration date of 11/30/2022, the Department is working to have the permanent registrations issued by this date.  You can continue to practice with CDS ​​if you have received a temporary CDS registration letter or your application was received prior to two weeks before your expiration date until the Department has made a final determination.

The permanent CDS registrations will be sent electronically to the email address listed on the application.  We will no longer issue paper registration certificates.

CDS registration verifications will continue to be limited.  The website will update the CDS search information as each permanent CDS registration certificate is generated.  Please continue to follow the guidance listed below.

CDS issued Prior to December 4, 2021

If the registrant has a current, unexpired CDS registration certificate and needs a verification letter, the CDS Search function is available on our website.  You can search by CDS registration number or by registrant name to generate a document verifying current active CDS registration status.

CDS issued After December 4, 2021

Please ask the registrant to provide the temporary letter that was emailed to them.  **Note: If the registrant has not received the email, ask them to check their SPAM folder or email​

​For Pending registrations please contact​

​Effective December 31, 2020, OCSA will no longer be accepting paper CDS applications for a new registration and renewal registration within the current renewal period. 

OCSA is accepting paper CDS applications for an address change, name change, change of owner​ship, replacement/duplicate copy of CDS certificate, and expired renewal registration.​​

​Online CDS Registration & Renewal Information​​
​Click Here to Begin CDS Online Regist​ration​

Phy​sical Practitioner CDS Application Information
​Practitioner - 3 Year Application (Fillable)​​​​
Practitione​r - 3 Year Application Instructions​​​

​Physical Establishment CDS Application Information
​​Establishment - 3 Year Application (Fillable)​​​

PDMP Mandate Effective February 15, 2018

All MD licensed healthcare providers must register with the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) prior to obtaining a new or renewal of CDS Registration. To register with PDMP, go to CRISP website at   Submit to OCSA the PDMP email​ confirmation that includes the confirmation code number.