Controlled Dangerous Substances Registration/Certification



CDS Registration Verification

​CDS Search Verification​​

CDS verifications may be searched by the CDS Number or Registrant Name 

To search for a CDS registration, enter either the CDS Number or Registrant Name into the appropriate field. 

*When searching by name use FIRST or LAST NAME only. 

If your application has been processed, you may print the information sheet displayed on the CDS Search page to use as verification of a valid CDS registration. 

For pending registrations please contact 

 For CDS Search Definitions click here.​

*In accordance with Maryland State Government Code Ann. § 10-226, if payment has cleared at least 2 calendar weeks before license expires, it does not expire until the final action is taken on the application.​​

​Electronic CDS Registration Certificates

OCSA has discontinued issuing paper Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS) registrations. 

Electronic CDS registration certificates are being emailed to the email address listed in our database. This email address is obtained using the email address supplied on the CDS application. If your email address has changed since your application, please notify OCSA by sending an email to​.​​