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Welcome to HealthChoice Maryland Medicaid's managed care program. Find information for Medicaid members and providers.

Understanding HealthChoice

  • The Maryland Department of Health is the part of the state government that oversees public health. 
  • Medicaid is part of the Maryland Department of Health. Medicaid provides free or low-cost health insurance for those with limited income. Medicaid pays for the health care services that you get from medical providers.
  • Maryland Health Connection is the state’s official health insurance marketplace. It is where you enroll in Medicaid. Maryland Health Connection takes care of the paperwork you need to get Medicaid. When you sign up for Medicaid through them, you will pick a health care company.
  • A Managed Care Organization, or MCO, is a health care company or health plan. An MCO gives you covered health services. 
  • MCO Network Providers are the doctors, hospitals and other providers who work with the health care plan you choose to give you the care you need.
  • HealthChoice is the name of Maryland's managed care program. Only MCOs that are part of the HealthChoice program can work with Medicaid and with you. You can choose your​​ MCO to get your health care – because it is your health and your choice!​

Maryland Medicaid has nine HealthChoice MCOs you can choose from. View the MCO Comparison Chart​ to help you pick the best one for you.

​NOTICE:  HealthChoice Managed Care Members​

On May 1, 2024, most Medicaid members in a HealthChoice health plan will now pay a $1 or $3 copay for most prescriptions. There is still no copay for family planning drugs or vaccines.

Some members will still have no copay for any drug. There is no copay for those who are younger than 21, pregnant, Native American, or living in long-term care.

If you have any questions about a prescription copay, call your HealthChoice health plan. You can find their phone number on the back of your member ID card or on this page.

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