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​Health Equity Conference​

December 3, 2020 

2019 ​​

  • Maryland's 16th Annual Statewide Health Equity Conference ' Achieving Health Equity and Cost Reductions through Clinical-Community Partnerships' (Dec 5)
​Conference Program, ​Morning Plenary  - 

  • Black History Month Panel / Webinar:  ​​​The Burden of Opioid Addiction Among ​African Americans / Blacks in Maryland: Current Interventions​ (Feb. 8) 

​​​Agenda and presentations,​ Webinar recording



  • Maryland's 15th Annual Statewide Health Equity Conference 'Achieving Health Equity and Disparity Reduction:  Prevention and Cost Savings Initiatives' (Dec. 6)

MHHD Event Photo Highlights!

Health Equity Conference 2018

Health Equity Summit 4-20-18 OMHHD and UMES Leaders and Speakers.JPG
Health Equity Summit @ UMES, 2018

IMG_2310.jpgMinority Health Month, 2017

Health Equity Conference, 2016
Minority Health Month 2016
Minority Health Month, 2016

Minority Health Month, 2016
Health Disparities Conference, 2015
Health Disparities Conference, 2015

1 Mile Walk for Wellness Participants.jpg Minority Health Month, 2015
 Health Equity Summit, 2013

Health Equity Summit, 2013