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  COVID-19 Case and Death Data in Maryland by Race/Ethnicity

(July, 2020)

Sides 3 to 14 of this presentation contain trend data and interpretations for cases of and deaths from COVID-19 by race and Hispanic ethnicity.  Slides 15 to 17 provide examples of disparities in chronic diseases and in Social Determinants of Health that contribute to the disparities in COVID-19 outcomes.

Health Equity, Social Justice, COVID-19 and the Provider's Role in the Solutions 

(June 2020)

Health Equity Conference The Business Case for Addressing Health Equity and Cost Reduction by Targeting Preventable Utilization

(December 2019)MHHD HEC 2019 12 05.jpg​​


Maryland Vital Statistics Infant Mortality in Maryland, 2018 

This document from the Vital Statistics Administration contains the Statewide trend chart by race/ethnicity for infant mortality, US to Maryland comparison by race/ethnicity, and infant mortality by race and jurisdiction.

Maryland Vital Statistics Infant Mortality Report 2018_Page_1.jpg


​Black and White Trends in Infant Mortality Rates, Comparing Rural vs Non-Rural Maryland
(October, 2019)

Slides 2 to 4 discuss the legislative mandate for analysis of Black vs. White infant mortality rate disparity comparing rural to Non-rural counties.  Slides 5 to 11 show the comparative trends.  Slides 12 to 14 discuss the implications of the data.​Black and Rural Infant Mortality in Maryland 2019 10 16.jpg​​




Maryland Statewide Racial and Ethnic Mortality Data 2018 

This document contains the statewide trend charts by race for 12 major causes of death and for infant mortality that are published in the Maryland Vital Statistics Annual Report 2018.

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