The Enhancing Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for  COVID-19 Through Community-Based Strategies​ (ELC-CHW/CTCBS) grant program is a COVID-19 response program that connects state and local resources to vulnerable minority populations through trusted community voices. The Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities (MHHD) awards funding to organizations that provide outreach, education, and linkage to primary care services. In the past local health departments, community, and faith based organizations have been awarded.

MHHD will monitor the organization's activities through narrative reports and performance measures throughout the course of funding.

Application information:

Please see the request for applications (RFA) for more information and application instructions. 

FY 2025 RFA: ELC FY 2025 RFA​

Deadline: May 20th, 2:00pm

Have questions about the RFA process? Please reach out to the following email address (mdh.healthdisparitiesRFAapplications@maryland.gov). We request all questions be submitted at least seven (7) days prior to the ​RFA deadline. ​