Filing a Complaint

Please be advised that the Board DOES NOT respond to anonymous or telephone complaints.

The Complainant must submit a complaint in writing or by using the complaint form below. When the completed complaint form is returned to the Board office, the Board may:

  • Schedule the matter for initial discussion at its next full meeting or
  • Assign a board member as liaison to investigate and report to the Board.

The Board first sends a copy of the complaint to the D.P.M. involved and suggest that he/she respond to the complaint. Then the Board reviews the allegations of the complainant and the D.P.M.'s response to ascertain whether the complaint falls within the scope of the Board's authority. If it does, the Board decides what investigation is needed to determine whether there is probable cause to believe a violation has occurred.

The inquiry requires determination whether to proceed on a complaint by sending a letter to the licensee requesting an explanation of the complainant's allegations, or  by obtaining records related to the complainant from the licensee. If the  Board rules that no violation occurred, the Board closes and dismisses the case and notifies the complainant of that fact.

The Board may rule that additional information may be required, thus the Board may proceed with an investigation.

All complaints and the relevant investigation process remain confidential; only Public Orders and Consent Agreements are discoverable.

The Board DOES NOT mediate fee disputes.

Download Complaint Form