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Core Business Functions

Description of Core Business Functions

The Mission of the Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners is to protect the citizens of Maryland and to promote quality health care in the field of podiatry by:

  1. Licensing podiatrists and podiatric residents in training ;
  2. Receiving and resolving complaints from the public, courts, employers, insurance companies, and other licensees regarding podiatrists who may have violated the Podiatry Act law (Annotated Code of Maryland, Health Occupations Article, Title 16) and its regulations found at COMAR 10.40.01-10.40.08; and
  3. Setting standards for the practice of podiatry that reflect new and emergent developments in the practice of podiatry through regulations and legislation.


A state that provides citizens qualified podiatrists to further the good health and well-being of the citizens of Maryland

Core Business Functions
The State Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners' (Board) mandate of protecting the health and welfare of the citizens of Maryland is accomplished through the diligent application of the Board's Core Business Functions by the Board Members and its administrative personnel.

Description of Core Business Functions
The State of Podiatric Medical Examiners' Core Business Functions are to:

  • Issue Maryland Podiatric Licenses
  • Verify Maryland Podiatric Licensure
  • Resolve allegations involving Maryland's Podiatrists
  • Regulate the practice of podiatry in Maryland
  • Prepare, oversee and reconcile the Program's Budget
  • Approve procurement of services and commodities
  • Prepare various reports for DHMH management, DBM and other government entities.

Issue Maryland Podiatric Licenses

Review all credentials provided by licensure applicants, administer and grade licensure examinations, approve and monitor continuing education requirement prior to issuing a Maryland Podiatric License.

Verify Maryland Podiatric Licensure

Provide verbal or written licensure status verifications and/or public disciplinary actions regarding Maryland's podiatrist to the general public, hospitals and various members of the insurance industry.

Resolve Allegations Involving Maryland's Podiatrists

Investigate all allegations it receives that involve Maryland Podiatrists. Action taken to resolve allegations range from dismissal for no violation of the Maryland Podiatry Act, through referral to the Department's Office of the Attorney General for formal charges to revocation of a licensee's Maryland Podiatric License.

Regulate the Practice of Podiatry in Maryland

Recommend changes and enforce the regulated practice of podiatry as pronounced in the Annotated Code of Maryland and in the Code of Maryland Regulations by investigating and, as appropriate, disciplining Maryland Podiatric Licensees found to be in violation of the laws and regulations.

Prepare, Oversee and Reconcile the Program's Special Fund Budget

Count revenues, prepare annual budget for legislative approval; reconcile revenues against licenses issued and other revenue items; and reconcile expenditure against proper object codes.

Approve Procurement of Service and Commodities

Approve procurement of services and commodities via the corporate purchasing card, Board controlled purchase orders and prepare requisitions for items which have been restricted from program purchase.

Prepare Various Reports for DHMH Management, DBM and other Government Entities

Assemble, analyze and consolidate data to respond to various reporting requirements mandated by legislation and/or department policy.