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​Your Baby's First Test

Pregnancy can be a wonderful yet stressful time. There is so much excitement about bringing a new little person into the world, but sometimes it seems like you have so much to learn as new parents. In your OB’s office you will learn all about what to expect during your pregnancy and during labor and delivery. But, what happens after your baby is born?
Did you know your baby will get a special test called t​he Newborn Screen? This is a test designed to screen all babies born in Maryland for several conditions that could make them sick after they are born. The goal of this test is to identify babies who appear healthy, but may actually have a medical condition, so they can get treatment before they get sick. This website is designed to help you learn more about newborn screening and to answer some of your questions. If you still have other questions you should discuss them with your baby’s doctor or by contacting a member of the Newborn Screening Follow-Up Staff.  


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