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People with developmental disabilities have the right to direct their lives and services. The DDA partners with people with developmental disabilities to provide support and resources to live fulfilling lives. The DDA is the primary State agency that funds community-based services and supports for people with developmental disabilities.

The DDA provides a coordinated service delivery system, so that people receive appropriate services oriented toward the goal of full integration into their community. The DDA’s community-based service delivery system includes various home and community-based services and supports provided through either a Medicaid State Plan, Waiver program or via DDA State funded services.  People receiving services through DDA also receive help from family members, community organizations, and other programs outside of the DDA. 

There is a high demand for funding for services from the DDA. The DDA currently is unable to meet all the requests, so it established a waiting list. The waiting list is prioritized so that people with the greatest need are helped first. The DDA follows regulations to determine eligibility, priority category and placement on the waiting list. People who apply to the DDA, but do not need services within the next three years,​ are placed on the Future Needs Registry.


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