DDA Services Focus Areas

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The DDA focuses on six (6) areas when thinking about services. We make sure that services support: ​

Self-Determination, and the belief that  people can: 

  • Plan their own lives 
  • Make their own decisions 
  • Plan and choose their own supports  
  • Decide how to spend the funding they have for services 
  • Take responsibility for the decisions they make ​

Self-Advocacy, and the commitment to encourage people to: 

  • Speak up for the things that are important to them 
  • Ask for what is needed or wanted and tell others about thoughts and feelings 
  • Speak up for their rights and make choices and decisions 

Supporting Families, and the development of services and supports that: 

  • Make the most of the strengths and abilities of families to support their family members 
  • Connect families to support each other 
  • Increase access to resources, support and services 

Independent Living, and to make sure that people have: 

  • The choice of where and how to live 
  • Opportunities to use and learn new skills 
  • The option to live like people without disabilities 
  • Opportunities to make decisions about their life 
  • The ability to get involved in activities they choose

Employment, and the commitment to: 

  • Be an Employment First state 
  • Use each person’s strengths, interests, and skills to support competitive integrated employment  

Assistive Technology​, and the commitment to: 

  • Be a Technology First state
  • Provide support and assistance for people to:
    • Explore technology to help meet their needs  
    • Increase independence 
    • Become more connected to their communities​