Licensing Information

General Information

​Unless you meet the listed exceptions, you must be licensed to practice as an audiologist, audiologist assistant, hearing aid dispenser, speech-language pathologist speech-language pathology assistant, or music therapist in Maryland.

Please Note:​

An audiologist, hearing aid dispenser, speech-language pathologist or speech-language pathology assistant is required to have a Limited License from the Board in order to practice under supervision. In order to obtain a Limited License, an applicant should first obtain a position with a licensee who will serve as the supervisor of the applicant for the limited license. Both the applicant and the supervisor need to complete the forms required for a Limited License.

Apply for a License

Step 1: Please complete an application using the links below. All supporting documents must be uploaded with each application.

​​​​​Speech-Language Pathology

Music Therapy

Hearing Aid Dispenser

​Step 2: Law Examination

Note to Applicants: Applicants who submitted their applications online will be sent a link to complete the required law exam electronically. If you are unable to submit your application online, you may request a link by emailing Monica Wright at Please use the statute and regulations under the Regulations tab to complete the Law Exam. A completed Law Exam must be on file for an application to be considered complete.

Transfer from Limited to Full Licensure

 Once a limited licensee have met their requirements, they may apply for full licensure. To transfer from limited to full license, please use the link below.

Temporary License

The Board does not issue Temporary Licenses 

Licensure Exceptions

Licensure is not required for:

  1. an individual employed by an agency of the federal government performing the duties of that employment;
  2. an individual continuously employed to practice Audiology since June 30, 1988 by a county public school for handicapped children, a chartered institution of the State, or the State Department of Education while performing the duties of that employment;
  3. an individual employed by a Maryland local public school system, State-approved nonpublic school for handicapped children, or chartered educational institution of the State, or the State Department of Education to practice speech-language continuously since on or before September 30, 2007, while performing the duties of that employment;
  4. a student or trainee in audiology or speech-language pathology while pursuing a supervised course of study at an accredited university or college or a recognized training center while the student is obtaining clinical practicum hours; or
  5. a volunteer while working in free speech and hearing screening programs.



Any individual whose license has been in a non-renewed status for less than five years may reinstate their license. The individual must complete the online application below.



A licensee who has been in an inactive status for less than two years, which was approved by the Board, may request to be reactivated by contacting our Board for instructions on how to do so within 60 days prior to the expiration of the inactive status. For those who wish to stay in inactive status, they must reapply for approval to do so for another two years using the 'Inactive Status' form and submitting the request with the fee to the Board, at least 60 days prior to the expiration of the previous inactive status. This option may be requested for a maximum of two subsequent renewal cycles following the initial approval for inactive status. Licensees who did not renew their licenses previously and did not request inactive status, do not qualify for these options and are required to request reinstatement of their license (non-renewed for less than 5 years) or must reapply (non-renewed for more than 5 years).



Any indivdiual whose license has been in a non-renewed status for more than five years must reapply for licensure and meet all current requirments for licensure. The individual must submit the complete application form and all required documentation and fees. The reapplication process cannot be completed on-line.


Reimbursement of Application and Renewal Fees

Pursuant to Education Article 6-112.1 states that 'Each audiologist and speech-language pathologist who meets the requirements of subsection (b) of this section shall receive from the county board an amount equal to the initial licensing fee or renewal of license fee charged by the Board.' This law requires a county public school system to reimburse initial license fees and renewal fees paid to the Board of Examiners if the audiologist or speech-language pathologist conducts third-party billing in the county public school system. Licensees that meet the requirement of the foregoing should consult with their employer for more information on the reimbursement of application and license fees.