Audiologists: Qualifications for Licensure

Qualifications for Full License in Audiology:

To qualify for a full license in audiology, an applicant must:

  1. Be of good moral character;
  2. On or After October 1, 2007 hold a doctoral degree in audiology from an accredited educational institution which incorporates the academic course work and the minimum hours of supervised clinical training required by the regulations adopted by the Board OR qualify for a license under § 2–305 of this subtitle;
  3. Pass an examination in audiology required by the regulations adopted by the Board; and
  4. Complete training consistent with the standards established by the Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education or The Counsel of Academic Accreditation.

If Licensed in Another State:

The Board may waive certain qualifications if:

  • The requirements in the other state are the same or higher than those in Maryland, (listed above);
  • The applicant holds a current, non-expired license in the other state; and
  • The applicant with a Master’s degree has held the current license for at least one year.

An applicant from another state may begin practicing in Maryland on the basis of an active license from the other state if the applicant has a completed application pending before the Board and the applicant has contacted the Board for approval to begin practicing in Maryland. The applicant must obtain a letter from the Board attesting to the complete application and authority to work in Maryland under a license issued by another state.