• ​How do I apply for a license?
    • ​Complete the fillable application found under the 'Apply for a License' tab. All applicable questions must be answered and signed by all parties. A completed background check report must be received from CJIS and all primary source verifications from ASHA and other States where a license is held must be received by the Board before an application is considered complete.
    • Applicants must submit their applications online. The applicant will receive an email notification from the Board with a link to complete a law exam and a status update of their application.
    • If additional information is needed, applicants will be able to upload missing documents by using the update request link sent within the initial notification email from the Board.

                      Apply for a License

  • ​​​​How do I complete a background check?
    • Applicant may complete their background check in-state by going to one on the approved locations listed on the Criminal Justice Information Services website. *Appointments are not required at the Reisterstown Plaza location in Baltimore
    • Out-of-State applicants must request a fingerprint card from the Board to complete their background check. A fingerprint card may be requested either at the time of application submission or in advance by completed a fingerprint card request form. Completed fingerprint cards must be mailed directly to CJIS for processing.

               In State Instructions

               Out-of-State Instructions

               Out-of-State Fingerprint Card Requests


  • What is a PRA Form?
    • The PRA form is the Privacy Rights Act notification to all applicants completing a background check. Applicants must submit a signed form in order for their application to be considered complete.

                    Privacy Rights Act Form         

  • How do I complete a Law Exam?
    • Applicants will receive an email notification to complete their law exam once their application is under initial review. Please be sure to check your spam folder for emails from the Board. If you did not receive an email please contact Office Secretary Monica Wright for another link to be sent to you. Monicah.wright@maryland.gov.


  • How long does it take for my application to be approved?
    • Completed applications are approved within 3-5 business days. The approved license will then be ratified at the following Board meeting.


  • ​Why isn't my initial license a full two years.
    • The cycle dates are the same for all licensees. Therefore, licenses may not hold their initial license for an entire cycle. As a result, new licensees are eligible to complete a prorated number of CEUs.

                   Prorated CEUs

  • ​How can I change my supervisor?
    • ​CFs must submit an updated AS2 form indicating a change of supervision. Once the AS2 form is approved by the Board, the CF may begin working under the new supervisor.
    • SLPA's and HAD Limited licensees must submit a new Delegation agreement for each new supervisor. Once the delegation agreement has been approved the licensee may begin working under the new supervisor.

​                    Licensure Forms

​Continuing Education​

  • How many CEUs are required each cycle?
    • SLPs, AUDs, & HADs must complete 30 hours every two years.
    • SLPAs and AAs must complete 10 CEUs every two years
    • MTs must complete 40 hours every two years


  • Does the Board need to approve all CEU courses I attend in order to receive credit?
    • No. If a course is directly related to your profession prior approval from the Board is not required.


  • What if I did not complete my CEUs by the cycle end date?
    • Licensees will need to contact the Board's Deputy Director to request a CEU extension from the Board.


  • How many CEUs can I receive for coursework?
    • The Board award 5 CEUs per credit for directly related coursework.


  • How many CEUs can I receive for publications?
    • The Board awards 10 CEUs for first author, 8 CEUs for second author, 6 CEUs for third author and 4 CEUs for all other authors.​


  • How can I update my contact information with Board?
    • Licensees may submit a change request form by completing the appropriate request form on our website under the 'Change Request' tab. A signature is required for the form to be processed.


  • How can I change the name on my license?
    • Please complete the Name Change request form under the 'Change Request' tab.
  • How can I order a replacement license?
    • Please complete the Replacement License request form under the 'Change Request' tab.

                ​Change Requests