Audiologists: Examination and Practice Requirements for Licensure

Requirements for Licensure

Examination and Practice Requirements for Licensure of Audiologists Requirements for Audiologists Pursuant to COMAR, an appli cant shall have obtained a score of 600 on the National Examination in Audiol ogy. Pursuant to COMAR, however, an applicant who passed the National Examination more than five years before applying for licensure shall fulfill one or more of the following requirements as approved by the Board:

(i) Provide evidence that the applicant has practiced audiology for three of the five years be fore applying for licensure;

(ii) Complete a period of supervised practice equivalent to that required of a limited licensee; or

(iii) Hold a current license in another state and submit proof of continuing education, as required in the regulations, for the time not practicing.


If an applicant has not practiced as an audiologist for three of the last five years, there are two options available:

1. The applicant may retake the National Examination in Audiology. Contact Educational Testing Services (ETS) at 609-771-7395 to schedule the Praxis Exam for Audiology. Request ETS to have the results of the exam sent directly to the Maryland Board of AUD/HAD/SLP (Code #R7400); or

2. The applicant may complete a period of supervised practice, which is equivalent to that required of a limited licen see. The supervisory guidelines for the supervisor of a person with limited licensure ar e four hours per month (two hours with clients and two hours meeting with the limited licensee). Th e supervised practice can be completed on a part-time basis under the same guidelines as a CFY.