Information for Morticians and Funeral Directors

We now offer online death certificate ordering for Funeral Homes!

Follow these 4 easy steps to get started:
  • Contact VitalChek at 615-372-6810, or email at with your establishment’s name & contact information for the individual(s) placing orders; 
  • Receive activation email and user-friendly instructions from VitalChek; 
  • Click on the activation link to establish a password. Your username is your email address; and
  • Select regular mail, Will-Call at DVR Central Office, or UPS* delivery options via the portal for certified death certificates.

Orders will be processed within 1-2 business days. 
Receive an order confirmation and tracking number upon completion.
Payments accepted by electronic check, credit and debit card. 
*UPS flat rate fee of $18 for multiple orders when placed in the same business day