Data Requests

The following forms are to be used for research or public health surveillance only. If you would like to request a birth, death, marriage or divorce certificate, please click here.

​Fees: Up to 2 hours of data analyst time is included. $75 for each additional hour. There may be additional charges for clerical time, supplies, postage and photocopy expenses. Payment must be by check made out to the State of Maryland.

Non-confidential Data Requests

Confidential Data Requests

If you are requesting individual level data or any identifying information (i.e., names, addresses, social security numbers) and you are not an employee of a state agency, you must complete the “Vital Statistics Confidential Application Packet.” After Vital Statistics has approved the request, you will be required to obtain approval from the Institutional Review Board of the Maryland Department of Health before obtaining data. Information on IRB requirements is available at:

​VSA Request for Confidential Data​​