Carlita Lindsey, Liaison

Maryland Department of Health

201 West Preston Street, 5th Floor 511C
Baltimore, Maryland  21201
PHONE:   (410) 767-6504
FAX:   (410) 767-6483
Toll Free: 1 (877) 4MD-476, Extension 6504
TTY#:   1-800-735-2258

General Information

The Board of Review is a seven (7) member board appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. The Board is mandated by Health-General Article, §§2-201—2-207, Annotated Code of Maryland. In accordance with Health General Article, §2-206, Annotated Code of Maryland, the Board of Review's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Makes recommendations to the Secretary on the operation and administration of the Department as the Board considers necessary or desirable.
  • If an advisory board for the Department is not created, the Board advises the Secretary on all matters affecting the Department that the Secretary submits to the Board for consideration.

Except as provided otherwise, the Board hears and determines any appeal from:

  1. A decision of the Secretary of any unit in the Department in a contested case that is subject to judicial review under State Government Article, §10-222;
  2. A decision of the Secretary or any unit in the Department that is subject to judicial review under any provision of law other than State Government Article, §§10-125 and 10-222; and
  3. An action of or inaction by any unit in the Department for which the Secretary, by rule or regulation, provides for review by the Board.

The majority of the cases reviewed by the Board are Medical Assistance appeals. The decisions of the Board are the final agency decision for purposes of judicial review under the Administrative Procedures Act or any other law that permits an appeal to the courts from decisions of the Department.