Frequently Asked Questions
Where are the hearings held for the Board of Review?
What is the next step after I send an appeal letter to the Board Liaison?
How do I obtain a copy of the record and transcript of the previous hearing?
How do I reschedule (postpone) my Board of Review hearing date?
When will my hearing be rescheduled, if the postponement is approved?
Why would a postponement request be denied?
What is the time frame for filing a brief?
If I disagree with the Board's decision, what can I do?

All of the Board of Review hearings are held at the Office of Administrative Hearings - 11101 Gilroy Road, Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Upon receipt of your letter of appeal to the Board, you will receive an acknowledgment letter and a copy of the governing regulations.

The Board Liaison will request a copy of the record and transcript from the Office of Administrative Hearings upon receipt of your appeal letter.  The record and transcript will be forwarded to you for your information.

All requests to postpone a hearing must be in writing, postmarked at least ten days BEFORE the hearing.  The request must provide a good reason (cause) to postpone.

The Board will notify you of a new hearing date.  However, it may be as long as two (2) months (or more) from your original hearing date.

A postponement request may be denied for any or all of these reasons:
  1. The postponement request was not postmarked at least ten (10) days before the hearing date;
  2. A good reason (cause) for the postponement was not given; or
  3. The Board has received more than one (1) request for a postponement of this matter.

First you have to request permission to file a brief.  If the Board grants your request, you have 40 days from the date you receive the record and transcript to file your brief.

If you wish to file an appeal from a decision of the Board of Review, you must contact the Circuit Court in the County where you reside and file your appeal with that Court.

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