What We Do
  • The Liaison to the Board of Review is the Staff for the Board.  
  • The procedures for the Board of Review may be found under COMAR 10.01.05.  CLICK HERE to access COMAR on-line.
  • Appeals to the Board of Review should be sent to:
Carlita Lindsey.
Liaison to the Board of Review
201 W. Preston Street, 5th Floor 511C
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
  • The Liaison acknowledges the appeal and requests the record and transcript from the previous hearing.
  • Appellants may request permission from the Board of Review to submit a brief on their appeal; however, briefs are not required by the Board.
  • Once the record and transcript is received, a hearing is scheduled.
  • The Board of Review holds one meeting per month, usually on the 4th Thursday of the month. PLEASE NOTE:  Because of the confidential nature of these hearings, all of the Board of Review hearings are closed to the general public.
  • Each meeting consists of approximately 10-13 individual appeal hearings.  
  • Appeals to the Board of Review are confidential in nature.  These records are NOT available for public review.