​​​​​Transportation Safety​​​

Part​​ners and Resources 
​​​The CDC Transportation Safety provides facts, prevention strategies, publications, and resources for drivers, passengers, parents, pedestrians, walkers, bicyclists, and motorists. It also shares national and state-by-state data. 

The Federal Highway Administration supports several national highway safety programs dedicated to improving safety related to the intersection, speed management, roadway departure, pedestrian and bicycle, local and rural, and safety data analysis and tools. 

The Maryland Highway Safety Office has a dedicated traffic safety network of programs to reduce fatalities and prevent injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes.

The Maryland Transportation Authority works to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes in Maryland by implementing traffic enforcement initiatives on impaired driving, seat belt use, aggressive driving, distracted driving, and work zone safety as well as supporting Maryland’s Zero Deaths campaign.

MDH Kids In Safety Seats (KISS) is a statewide program that helps people obtain and correctly use car and booster seats to reduce injuries and death among Maryland’s children. 

The Maryland Zero Deaths and Vision Zero is a data-driven approach to eliminating roadway fatalities and serious injuries and increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains roadway safety and reduces deaths, injury, and economy through enforcing vehicle performance standards and partnerships with state and local governments. NHTSA also provides grants to state governments so states can conduct effective highway safety programs.

The U.S. Department of Transportation is one of the leading government agencies for transportation safety. Their goal is to keep the traveling public safe and secure, increase mobility, and have our transportation system contribute to the nation's economic growth. 

Zero Deaths Maryland is part of a national transportation initiative focused on safe mobility for all road users. This page provides data, resources, policies, grants, and tips on road safety.