Environmental Health Training and Instructional Materials

Student Curriculum and Materials

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, under contract to Maryland Environmental Public Health Tracking, has developed middle school curricular materials on asthma, drinking water and environmental health. These public domain materials may be adapted as desired, and were designed to comply with Maryland curriculum standards on environment and science.  

A. About the Maryland EPHT 8th Grade Curriculum

  • MD EPHT 8th Grade Curriculum

    B. Asthma

  • Asthma Lesson Plan
  • Asthma PowerPoint Slides for Students
  • Asthma Power Point Slides with Teacher Notes
  • Asthma PowerPoint Slides
  • Asthma Technical Terms Defined
  • Our Air, Our Health Video

    C. Drinking Water

  • Drinking Water Lesson Plan
  • Drinking Water PowerPoint Slides for Students
  • Drinking Water PowerPoint Slides with Teacher Notes
  • Drinking Water PowerPoint Slides
  • Drinking Water Technical Terms Defined
  • Our Water, Our Health Video

    D. Environmental Health

  • Environmental Health Lesson Plan
  • Environmental Health PowerPoint Slides for Students
  • Environmental Health PowerPoint Slides with Teacher Notes
  • Environmental Health PowerPoint Slides
  • Environmental Health Technical Terms Defined
  • ​​

    ​Training Materials for Health Care Providers

    Lead, Asthma, Radon and Healthy Homes in Maryland:  New Resources for Clinicians and Patients