Manual Supplements

On this page, you can find supplements to the Medicaid Eligibility Manual including: action transmittals, information memos, and manual releases. 

AT 14-12Long-Term Care with Waiver Services3/11/2014
AT 14-04Procedure for Spend-Down Applications Generated at the Local Health Department (LHD)10/11/2013
MR 157Revised Policy Alert 10-1210/1/2013
AT 13-13Procedural Changes for Expediting Long Term Care (LTC) and Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waivers for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Community-Eligible Individuals5/16/2013
MR 159Medical Assistance Long-Term Care; Clarifications Regarding Transfers Made Exclusively for Purposes Other Than Qualifying For Medical Assistance4/30/20133/1/2013
MR-25MCHP: Schedule 1 - MCHP Monthly and Annual Income Guidelines/Determining Financial Eligibility3/12/20133/1/2013
AT 13-06Medical Assistance Eligibility Procedures for Incarcerated Individuals12/7/2012
MR 158Online Medical Assistance Manual8/1/2012
MR 156Long-Term Care Eligibility - Eligibility for Institutionalized Individuals; DES/LTC 812 and 813; Spousal Impoverishment Standards and Excess Home Equity Limit7/1/20127/1/2012
IM 12-24Declaratory Information Included in an Application5/16/2012
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