Marylan​d Chronic Health Homes

Health Homes for individuals with chronic conditions augments the State's broader efforts to integrate somatic and behavioral health services.  The program targets populations with behavioral health needs who are at high risk for additional chronic conditions, including those with serious persistent mental illness, serious emotional disturbance, and opioid substance use disorders.  Health Homes offer participants enhanced care coordination services from  providers with whom they regularly receive care, including psychiatric rehabilitation programs, mobile treatment service providers, and opioid treatment programs.  This is a community-based approach, not a residential program.  Health Homes are designed to enhance person-centered care, empowering participants to manage and prevent chronic conditions in order to improve health outcomes, while reducing avoidable hos​​pital encounters.  Health Homes provide six core services, as follows:

  Comprehensive Care ​      ​Management
•  Comprehensive Transitional​Care​
•  Care Coordination
•  Individual and Family Support
•  Health Promotion
•  Referral to Community and Social Support


To learn more about Maryland's Health Homes, please review the program's one-pager summary​. the Maryland Health Home ​Reg​ul​ations​, and the Maryland Health Home S​ta​te Plan Amendment​, and other resources.


Background Materials

The following materials and links offer additional information regarding the Health Homes program.

 For questions about the Health Home program, contact mdh.healthhomes@maryland.gov