​​​Health Home Program Evaluation and Outcomes

The Department continues to develop an evaluation strategy to determine possible impacts of the Health Home program, including health outcomes, participant experiences, and potential cost-savings. In an initial step towards this goal, the Department’s Office of Planning prepared a report in collaboration with the Hilltop Institute. This provided a description of Medicaid enrollees’ participation in the Maryland Health Home program and their interactions with the health care system during the first two years of program implementation. The report presented the following measures to describe the Maryland Health Home Program:
  •   Monthly enrollment
  •   Participant characteristics
  •   Health care utilization and access
  •   Health care quality
The Department will share quarterly updates to this report and will incorporate baseline data for participants’ health care utilization in the 12 months prior to their enrollment in a Health Home. In addition, reports due to the Maryland General Assembly will also be shared publicly below. To access Program Evaluation reports please view:
Health Home 2018 Evaluation Report

September 2016

February 2016
Health Home Quarterly Report Q1-Q8 February 2016
Health Home Quarterly Report Q1-Q8 Tables February 2016
Health Home Quarterly Report Q1-Q8 Continuous Tables
December 2015

September 2015

May 2015