Minority Health and Health Disparities



The Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities (MHHD) has been funded to provide support to jurisdictions with high rates of COVID-19 infections and whose residents need additional assistance to cope with testing, isolation, and quarantine, and vaccination-related issues. This RFP is intended solely for recipients of the ELC-CHW grants issued by MHHD in March 2021.

Scope of Work

The CHWs are working with residents in selected minority communities with needs related to COVID-19. This grant will support: a) the cost of selected direct services that the organization will provide to households, and b) materials and tools that the CHWs need to conduct their outreach work.  Examples of items that the grant will cover include:

1. Expenses allowed include laptop, tablet, phone/hotspot, mileage reimbursement, Education pamphlets on COVID, and other diseases.

2. Examples of direct services that this grant will cover include food, transportation vouchers, gift cards, plus rent and utility subsidies with values up to $100 each.

Funding Period – August 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022 

The funding level is up to $40,000 per grantee for the period as a one-time award.

Application Submission and Due Date: August 2, 2021

The proposal should include the outreach activities, the support needed to conduct these activities, and the description of these services provided to the households. A budget and budget justification should be included as well. The details should cover the materials needed for the outreach activities and the cost of the direct services provided to the households under this grant. Please use the attached proposal template and note the documentation needed for your expenses as per the policy. 

Submit all applications to mdh.elcgrants@maryland.gov 


Questions and Responses​

1.  $100 per family is not a lot for rental/utility assistance.  I feel that an amount up to $1,000 would be more reasonable or even $500. I currently manage other funds where $1000 is the limit.  And would we have to be the payor of last resort? 

Answer:  We can increase the assistance to $500.00.  No.  We do not have to be the payor of last resort.  Please note that increasing the amount to $500 will reduce the amount of assistance you may ​provide to other families.

2. Could these funds be used to purchase care packages for families that contain PPE, mask, gloves, Lysol, Lysol wipes, toilet paper, etc.?

Answer: Yes

3. Could funds be used to help children with school supplies? 

Answer: Yes 

4.Can we get an extension to submit this RFP? We feel we need more time to plan what we can purchase based on what your responses might be. 

Answer: Yes.  The deadline for submitting responses has been extended to August 2, 2021 

5. How do we handle families that have a need but don't fit the criteria?  What are the criteria to get these needs met? 

Answer: ​Would you please provide examples of the types of "criteria" you are referencing?  We have checked our records and could not find where we indicated a person had to fit into a particular criterion.  

6. Can you develop a  FAQ sheet since other programs may have similar questions, and the responses can be shared with the group? 

Answer: Yes.  I will post a Q & A page on the MHHD website - I will email all ELC Community Partners to alert them of these changes.