Help us prepare and protect our community by becoming a Maryland Responder. Sign up to volunteer with Maryland Responds through the Maryland Responds Registry at​
Need help? Click here for written instructions on how to register or watch our video walk-through of how to register for Maryland Responds and complete the Road to Readiness.​​


Registration FAQ:

Who should register for Maryland Responds?

Membership is open to anyone over 18 years of age who is interested in promoting public health and assisting in the event of an emergency. Whether you are an actively licensed health care professional, student, retired health professional or someone with an interest in volunteering during emergencies, you are encouraged to register. Because many health personnel will already be committed to a role during an emergency, there is a need to recruit non-medical personnel who can assist health professionals during emergency responses.

​What kind of time commitment does membership require?

Being a member of Maryland Responds does not require or imply 24‐hour availability – your decision to participate in any activity is voluntary. While there is no binding agreement regarding your length of service with Maryland Responds, we hope you consider your membership a serious commitment. Due to the investment of time, training, and resources that is dedicated to each of our members, we encourage you to remain active with Maryland Responds and participate in as many emergency response and public health activities as possible.

What do I do after I complete my registration?

Registering with Maryland Responds is the first step on your Road to Readiness. Once registered, new members are considered Responders-in-Training until they complete the steps to reach Ready Responder Status. Ready Responder Status indicates your readiness to deploy with the Maryland Responds MRC. All Responders must complete the Road to Readiness steps to become eligible for deployment. Visit the Road to Readiness page for more information.


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Updated June 6, 2019