Orientation Training

All Maryland Responders must complete the Maryland Responds Orientation training to satisfy the core training requirement to reach Ready Responder Status and to be eligible for deployments.
The Maryland Responds MRC Online Orientation Version 2.0 is available online! The revised Online Orientation training incorporates an introduction to the National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System with an overview of the Maryland Responds MRC deployment protocols. As with the previous version, the revised online orientation training is a condensed version of the in-class orientation training, intended to provide you with the basic, yet vital, information you need to prepare for your role as a Maryland Responder.
For those who took a previous version of the orientation training (online or in-class), we highly recommend that you take the revised version of the course as it contains several updates and new material.
To take the Maryland Responds MRC Online Orientation Version 2.0, log on to the Maryland Responds Online Training Site (or create an account if you haven’t already): http://mdresponds.myicourse.com/. For additional instructions, click HERE.
In-class offerings are announced as they become available. Registered Maryland Responders receive training announcements through the Registry and via email. We also post training announcements on the News & Events page of our website. 

Add a Training Course to Your Responder Profile

Upon completion of a training course, it is important to add the course to your Respon​der profile and upload your training certificate for verification. Your Unit Administrator will then be able to verify  and approve your training record. Need help? Click HERE for instructions on how to add a training course to your Responder profile.
Updated November 2, 2017