Responder ID Badge

​The Maryland Responds State Program issues identification badges which are designed to identify volunteers as members of Maryland Responds during authorized MRC activities.  In order for us to issue you your ID badge, we need a passport quality photo. Your photo should be a clear, color headshot. 

Example of a passport quality photo: 

Picture of an example passport quality photo.

Submit Photo for ID Badge

You can now upload your photo directly to your Responder profile as a certificate for the training course, R2R Step 4: Photo for ID Badge.

  1. Log into your Responder profile at:
  2. Select the My Profile tab at the top of the page
  3. Click the Training sub-tab to open your training record
  4. Click the link to Add Training
  5. From the training course drop down menu, select, R2R Step 4: Photo for ID Badge
  6. Click the Browse button to upload your photo
  7. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom

Add training.png 

Add photo for ID Badge.png 



Updated March 31, 2016