Wicomico County - 5 Grants

Grantee Organization: Wicomico County Health Department/EMS
Focus Area: Primary Care 
Grant and Amount: 18-006 ($90,000) 
Grant Project Description: This project would reduce preventable 911 calls through the use of a team consisting of an emergency medical technician and a registered nurse. The team would identify frequent callers to 911 for non-emergent conditions and would conduct welfare checks, case management, safety planning, and refer patients to primary care physicians, medical specialists, and, if necessary, in-home care providers. The program offers the potential to help reduce avoidable EMS and hospital utilization services and is replicable in other rural areas of the state. 
Organization Contact Information: www.wicomicohealth.org​

Grantee ​Organization: Wicomico County Health Department
Focus Area: Primary Care 
Grant and Amount: 16-009 ($425,000) 
Grant Project Description: This three-year grant is being used to support the opening of a school-based health center (SBHC) in Salisbury. In addition to serving students, the SBHC will be open to the adult staff members of the two schools and provides a new access point for both primary and behavioral health services. Billable services will be billed to Medicaid and third-party insurers. CHRC grant funds are being utilized to support the salary costs of the new SBHC. 
Organization Contact Information: www.wicomicohealth.org​


Grantee Organization: Lower Shore Clinic
Focus Area: Behavioral Health
Grant and Amount: 16-012 ($105,000) 
Grant Project Description: This two-year grant provides funding to support the "CareWrap" program that targets individuals with behavioral health needs who Present at the Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) ED in high volumes and provides intensive case management services for these individuals in a community setting post-hospital discharge. The proposal involves a partnership with PRMC and is designed to help reduce 30-day readmission rates for individuals participating in the program.  CHRC grant funds are being utilized to support the salary costs of program staff.
Organization Contact Information: http://www.gogettersinc.org/Lower-Shore-Clinic.html​


Grantee Organization: Lower Shore Clinic
Focus Area:
 Behavioral Health
Grant and Amount: 12-007 ($240,000)
Grant Project Description: This two-year grant supported a program to add primary care services to an existing behavioral health care clinic. The program provided regular physicals, preventative services, and chronic disease management for individuals with existing mental health or substance use disorders. Grant funds supported the operational costs for this expansion of services. The grantee reported serving 434 individuals through 1,468 visits over the duration of the grant. 
Organization Contact Information: 


Grantee Organization: Wicomico County Health Department 
Grant(s) and Amount(s): 08-007 ($301,250) 
Focus Area: Dental
Grant Project Description: This two-year grant supported the relocation and expansion of the WCHD Village Dental clinic to improve access and increase its capacity to serve county residents. Grant funds were utilized to re-locate the clinic to a larger facility, increase the number of volunteer dental provider hours, implement a case management program, expand the clinic's hours of operation and increase the number of patients the clinic is able to serve. This program served more than 1,900 patients and leveraged an additional $46,340 in private and federal funding.
Organization Contact Information: www.wicomicohealth.org​​