Six-week public comment period on CHRC regulations begins May 1, 2018

In response to legislative requirements, the CHRC is performing a review of its regulations over the next ten months, which will culminate in a report for the Maryland Department of Health's Office of Regulations in February 2019. As part of this review, the CHRC will be launching a six-week public comment period May 1, 2018. Respondents interested in submitting comments are encouraged to use the form on the Commission website.  For more information about the public comment period or the CHRC's regulatory review, click here.​


FY 2018 grant awards

At the May meeting of the Maryland Community Health Resources Commission, CHRC Commissioners voted award 4 grants totaling $650,000.  For an overview of these programs, click here. Following presentations on March 13, 2018, CHRC Commissioners voted to award 15 grants​​ totaling $3 million. Click here​​ to view the release announcing the awards. ​​​​

Community Health Resources Commission​

The Maryland Community Health Resources Commission (CHRC) was created by the Maryland General Assembly in 2005 to expand access to health care services in underserved communities in Maryland. The CHRC is an independent commission operating within the Maryland Department of Health (MDH), whose 11 members are appointed by the Governor. Since its inception, the CHRC has awarded 210 grants totaling $64.1 million, supporting programs in every jurisdiction of the state. These programs have collectively served more than 450,000 Marylanders, and grants awarded by the CHRC have enabled grantees to leverage $21.7 million in additional federal and private/non-profit resources.​

The CHRC supports the work of community health care resources and fulfills its statutory mission in the following activities:

  1. Awarding grants to expand access in underserved areas and support public health priorities;
  2. Implementing the Health Enterprise Zone (HEZs) Initiative jointly with MDH; and
  3. Executing additional Special Projects.

In fulfilling these responsibilities, the Commission implements a thorough system of performance measurement to ensure public resources are utilized effectively and efficiently so that Maryland’s underserved communities receive high-quality health care services.

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