St. Mary’s County - 3 Grants

Grantee Organization: Walden Sierra, Inc. 
Focus Area: Behavioral Health
Grant and Amount: 12-013 ($250,000) 
Grant Project Description: This two-year grant enabled Walden Sierra to co-locate behavioral health services with primary care partners, aimed at serving low-income and uninsured individuals with behavioral health disorders. Walden partnered with Greater Baden Medical Services, a federally qualified health center, and Medstar/St., Mary's Hospital System to provide primary care and clinical space for Walden Sierra outpatient services. The grantee reported providing services for 549 individuals and 875 visits over the duration of the grant.
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Grantee Organization: St. Mary’s County Health Department.
Focus Area: Primary Care
Grant and Amount: LHIC 12-016 ($25,000)
Grant Project Description: 
The St. Mary's County Health Department utilized grant funds to implement a smoking cessation social marketing campaign targeted low-income residents of St. Mary’s County.  Grant funds supported staffing costs and overall efforts to recruit local employers willing to adopt tobacco free work places throughout the jurisdiction.  In addition, the St. Mary’s LHIC has been working to develop county-wide policies to create tobacco free government facilities and public areas.
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Grantee Organization: St. Mary's County Health Department 
Focus Area: Infant Mortality
Grant and Amount: 11-001 ($240,000) 
Grant Project Description: This two-year grant supported a program which provided individual and group reproductive health and family planning counseling, multi-vitamins with folic acid to women of child bearing age, pregnancy tests, and up to three months of birth control. Grant funds were utilized to support operational and administrative costs. The grantee reported serving 1,640 patients and provided 1,971 visits over the duration of the grant. 
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