Reducing Childhood Obesity (15 grants)

​Grantee Organization: La Clinica del Pueblo
Jurisdiction Served: Prince George’s County
Grant and Amount: 18-014 ($140,000) 
Grant Project Description: 
This project would implement a school and community-focused project that uses culturally and linguistically appropriate strategies to increase knowledge about healthy lifestyles, increases access to healthy foods, and encourages engagement in physical activity targeting 720 low-income Latino high school students and families. The program would create a Health 4 Promotion club with Youth Health Promoters in schools, health education workshops at parents' meetings, annual intergenerational soccer tournaments and health fairs, and clinicalbased activities, with one-on-one health education sessions targeting mothers or women of childbearing age
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Grantee Organization: Anne Arundel County Department of Health 
Grant and Amount: 18-015 ($130,000) 
Jurisdiction Served: Somerset County
Grant Project Description: This project focuses on increasing access to healthy foods and provides information about healthy cooking in Brooklyn Park. The project would provide access to nutritious, shelf-stable food options, fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as English and Spanish nutrition and cooking skills education. Transportation to the food pantry and classes would be made available, as well as technical assistance for four Anne Arundel County public schools and two community organizations via free/subsidized community-supported agriculture..
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Grantee Organization: Frederick Memorial Hospital 
Grant and Amount: 18-020 ($150,000) 
Jurisdiction Served: Frederick
Grant Project Description: 
This project would implement the evidencebased "5210 Campaign," which is a nationally recognized childhood obesity prevention program. The project involves multiple intervention strategies to fight obesity which would engage the Frederick County Public School System.
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Grantee Organization: Institute for Public Health Innovation
Jurisdiction Served: Montgomery
Grant and Amount: 17-010 ($80,000) 
Grant Project Description: This two-year grant is being utilized to support the implementation of local school wellness councils in four Title I Elementary Schools in Montgomery County (in Long Branch/Takoma Park, Gaithersburg, and Germantown). The project will expand an existing project of Healthy Montgomery’s Transforming Community Initiatives, which is one of six sites selected to participate in a national initiative funded by the Trinity Health System. 
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Grantee Organization: Somerset Health Department
Grant and Amount: 17-011 ($130,000) 
Jurisdiction Served: Somerset County
Grant Project Description: This two-year grant, expanding on an existing CHRC grant, will support the following activities to address obesity and promote food security: nutritional home visiting program; nutrition education in the schools; garden fresh produce distribution; and transformation of abandoned asphalt slabs into "Fitness Towns.".
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Grantee Organization: Baltimore City Health Department
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
Grant and Amount: 17-012 ($150,000) 
Grant Project Description: This two-year grant, expanding on an existing CHRC grant, will expand the “Baltimarket Healthy Stores” program, which works with retail stores to expand access to affordable, healthy food options that serve low-income children and families. Under the program, additional stores will be recruited to the Baltimarket program. The Baltimore City Health Department will provide technical assistance to these stores, focusing on the implementation of federal SNAP/food stamp changes, and employ young residents as community health educators. 
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Grantee Organization: Department of Pediatrics, University of Maryland 
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
Grant and Amount: 14-018 ($510,000) 
Grant Project Description: This three-year grant supports the Heathiest Maryland Schools program which seeks to bring together pediatricians, schools, and communities to address childhood obesity, and to support interventions in three Title I elementary schools in West Baltimore. Grant funding is utilized for staffing a program manager, a clinical coordinator, and a research assistant, as well as for data collection and analysis.
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Grantee Organization: Baltimore City Health Department
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
Grant and Amount: 14-019 ($750,000) 
Grant Project Description: This three-year grant is being utilized to support the “Baltimarket Healthy Stores” program, which aims to prevent childhood obesity through a multi-level, community-based program that transforms the retail food environment.  The program has three core elements: corner store, Youth Neighborhood Food Advocate, and grocery store-based nutrition education, and focuses on the following zip codes in West Baltimore: 21216, 21217, 21223, and 21229. 
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Grantee Organization: Somerset Health Department
Grant and Amount: 14-020 ($300,000) 
Jurisdiction Served: Somerset County
Grant Project Description: This three-year grant provides support for a public outreach campaign that will build community awareness and support for healthy lifestyle choices to reduce rates of childhood obesity in Somerset County. Grant funds are being utilized to create new after-school opportunities for physical activity and will help to expand access to affordable healthy food options, and provide home visitation and health coaching for youths between the ages of 4 and 18 deemed at highest risk of obesity by their health care provider.
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Grantee Organization: Mid-Shore Health Improvement Coalition
Jurisdiction Served: Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Talbot
Grant and Amount: LHIC12-001 ($75,000) 
Grant Project Description: The Mid-Shore Health Improvement Coalition utilized grant funding to support a nutritional program to address adult and childhood obesity in African American communities.  Grant funds were utilized to support a program, “Body & Soul,” which engaged 20 African American churches and provided training for pastors and peer health coaches; supported health risk assessments and other events; and supported efforts to develop and implement healthy food policies for church events.  

Grantee Organization: Tri-County Health Departments
Jurisdiction Served: Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester
Grant and Amount: LHIC12-002 ($75,000) 
Grant Project Description:  The Tri-County Health Planning Board utilized CHRC grant funds to implement the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) and promote healthy lifestyle practices to prevent and delay diabetes.  Staff from each of the three local health departments received training at Emory University, and ten individuals have been CDC Certified as “Lifestyle Coaches.”  

Grantee Organization: Healthy Anne Arundel Coalition
Jurisdiction Served: Anne Arundel
Grant and Amount: LHIC12-004 ($25,000) 
Grant Project Description: The Healthy Anne Arundel Coalition utilized CHRC grant funding to support initiatives designed to increase healthy food consumption, promote physical activity, and decrease obesity among adults and children.  Grant funding supported the implementation of the “Eat Healthier/Move More” program, which engaged more than 1,000 community residents, and the Healthy Anne Arundel Action Plan for Obesity, which resulted in a six-week Family Fitness Challenge that engaged 248 employees of the Health Department. 

Grantee Organization: Baltimore County Health Coalition
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore
Grant and Amount: LHIC12-005 ($200,000) 
Grant Project Description: The Baltimore County Health Coalition utilized CHRC grant funding to support efforts to address childhood obesity and enhance the Healthier Generation Healthy School Program, which includes 25 public schools.  CHRC grant funding supports staff professional development and data analysis on Body Mass Index (BMI). 

Grantee Organization: Garrett County Health Department
Jurisdiction Served: Garrett
Grant and Amount: LHIC12-011 ($25,000) 
Grant Project Description: The Garrett County Health Department utilized grant funds to support obesity prevention activities by targeting local stores, restaurants, and Head Start programs to provide healthier food options for the community and to educate parents about appropriate food portions and daily nutritional requirements.  CHRC funding supported the “Farm to Head Start” program in three classrooms, assisted five restaurants to identify heart healthy menu options, and enabled mini-grant awards to five small stores to increase availability of healthier food options. 

Grantee Organization: Harford County Health Department
Jurisdiction Served: Harford
Grant and Amount: LHIC12-006 ($50,000) 
Grant Project Description: The Harford County Health Department utilized CHRC base grant funding to support a contract with a marketing/public relations firm to develop a strategic marketing plan to encourage healthy living by Harford County residents.  Bonus grant funds were utilized to support two initiatives: (1) the implementation of a mobile text messaging program to help increase appointment attendance and treatment focused on diverting adolescents from a more restrictive therapeutic or educational placement (i.e. residential treatment) and re-integrating them back into the community, resulting in a significant cost savings to the state; and (2) the cross-training of mental health and substance abuse staff to help integrate these treatment programs and improve delivery of behavioral health care services in Harford County.