Welcome to the Division of Environmental Sciences' Website

The Division of Environmental Sciences is focused on protecting public health through accurate and precise analytical testing of environm​ental samples that constitute routes of harmful exposure. The Division delib​erately interprets its mission in a holistic sense, and therefore anything that originates from outside the body is the testing jurisdiction of the Division. Our analytical work ranges from surveilling food for pathogens and toxic chemicals, to maintaining testing preparedness for acts of chemical terrorism and nuclear fallout.

The Division is the largest and most scientifically diverse of the Laboratories Adm​​​​inistration, and is currently comprised of 56 dedicated scientists organized into about a dozen analytical sections. Our testing contributio​​ns range from informing environmental genetic surveillance, to conservation biology and nuclear physics. Our century-long history, state-of-the-art capabilities, and unwavering dedication have made the Division a trusted 'go to' testing laboratory for many state agencies and national partners (including the EPA, CDC, and FDA). With innovation across​​ disciplines as its core tenet, the Division also partners with federal scientists and industry collaborators to develop new cutting-edge testing methods.