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Graphic of wheel with various categories that can be used to evaluate personal strengths and assets

ALL people have the right to live, love, learn, work, and play in their community and go after their dreams!

Person-centered planning is a way for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities receiving services, funded by DDA, to take charge of their life. A Person-Centered Plan (PCP) is a written plan directed by the person with a developmental disability that they developed together with their team. A person’s team includes their Coordinator of Community Services (CCS) and other important people they’ve chosen to support them. Their team can also include a DDA provider(s) and or a Support Broker if the person is self-directing their services. (Please see Self-directed Services)

During the person – centered planning process a person, with the support of their team, will:

  1. Describe their vision of a good life
  2. Identify those things that are important to and for them.
  3. Identify their goals and a create plan to achieve them.
  4. Identify resources, supports and services that can help them reach their goals as a member of their community.
  5. Make sure that the services they receive match what they personally want and need.
  6. Identify any needs that must be addressed to stay healthy and safe.​​​​​​​

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