The Maryland State Board for the Certification of Residential Child Care Program Professionals oard) is accepting applications for a certified Residential Child and Youth Care Practitioner and a certified Program Administrator to serve as a member of the Board effective July 1, 2018.

To be considered you must be United States citizen and have resided in the State of Maryland for at least 1 year before appointment to the Board.

To ensure that the appointment process is completed in time for submission to the Senate during the 2017 Legislative Session applications for both vacancies must be submitted by January 12, 2018. 

 All Board members are appointed by the Governor and serve a four-year term. Board meetings are held the second Friday of every month at 9:30 A.M. at 4201 Patterson Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21215.

The General Session of the Board is open to the public. The State Board will not meet in August or November. Interested candidates must complete an online application on the Governor’s Appointments Office website at

If you have any questions prior to submission, please contact Kim Bennardi, Administrator, Office of Appointments and Executive Nominations at 410-767-4049 or James Merrow, Executive Director, at 410-764-5911 or Gwendolyn Joyner, Deputy Director at 410-764-5996

Applications and nominations for the Maryland State Board for the Certification of Residential Child Care Program Professionals are being accepted through January 12, 2018. 

The Board of Residential Child Care Program Professionals is accepting applications through January 12, 2018 for the following Board seats:

  •  Certified Program Administrator
  •  Consumer Member
  •  Residential Child Care Practitioner
Interested candidates should carefully review all membership criteria and the time commitment noted below before applying. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all applications documents
and nomination materials are submitted by January 12, 2018.


The criteria for members is outlined in the Board statute, Health Occupations Article§20
which is attached. Terms are four years. The applicant must be actively licensed, be in good standing with the Board and be a resident of Maryland.

Board Member duties:

  •  Attend monthly Board meetings which are held on the second Friday of the month at 9:30 a.m. at 4201 Patterson Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21215.  The meeting includes a closed and public (open) session.  Members receive a stipend of $50.00 per meeting plus mileage.  Members receive documents in advance of the meeting for review.  There are attendance requirements in order to remain a board member.
  • Members serve on various Board committees including Committee Review Panel and Subcommittee.Committees meet as needed after the Board meeting.
  • Members participate in disciplinary hearing and case resolution conferences. 
  • Board members may be asked to testify before the General Assembly regarding  legislation that affects consumers and/or licensees.
  • Board members are subject to the State Ethics Law and are required to file an  annual financial disclosure with the Maryland State Ethics Commission.

Please note that all applicants are thoroughly vetted and may be interviewed by a subject
matters expert.  The Governor appoints all Board members with the advice of the Secretary
of the Department of Health.

All interested applicants are required to submit a formal application through the 
Governor's Appointments Office website at http:/ no later than January 12, 2018.
Please be aware that one of the application documents, Appointee Exemption Disclosure (AED) form, is required by the Maryland State Ethics Commission (SEC) to document any
potential conflicts of interest.  Ont he AED form, applicants should request an employment
exemption for all current employment.  Applicants that are self-employed, own or co-own a 
business should also request a financial exemption on the AED form.

if an applicant is serving in an official capacity with Board/Association, the applicant should list their role and note their willingness to resign immediately if appointed to the Health Occupation Board.  Applicants may contact the SEC at 410-260-7770 with questions or to request guidance.

The nomination is also due by the deadline for applications. Nominations may be submitted via-e-mail or mail to:

Kim Bennardi, Administrator
Department of Health
Office of Appointments and Executive Nominations
Phone: 410-767-4049

Any additional questions regarding applications or nominations may be addressed to Kim Bennardi at or 410-767-4049.

Health Occupations Title 20 : Subtitle 2 -- State Board for Certification of Residential Child Care Program Administrators in the Department.