Maryland Health Care Commission Fee

The Maryland Health Care Commission is an independent regulatory agency whose mission is to plan for health system needs, promote informed decision-making, increase accountability, and improve access in a rapidly changing health care environment by providing timely and accurate information on availability, cost, and quality of health care services to members of the public and to policy makers, providers, and payors.
In order to accomplish their mission and program functions, the Commission requires operating funds, which are special funds that are collected through an assessment on the health care providers and payors that we regulate.  Currently, the Commission assesses: 1) Payors for an amount not to exceed 28% of the total budget; 2) Hospitals for an amount not to exceed 33% of the total budget; 3) the Health Occupational Boards for an amount not to exceed 22% of the total budget; and 4) Nursing Homes for an amount not to exceed 17% of the total budget.  The amount is derived differently for each industry and is set every four years based on an analysis of the Commission’s work load.