Letters of Good Standing (Verifications)

A written verification of a licensee's status, with the Board seal affixed, may be provided upon request.  A request for written verification must be in writing to the Board, and include:

  • Name of the licensee to be verified
  • Address where the completed verification is to be forwarded; and
  • A money order, check or credit card order in the amount of the verification of licensure fee established by the Board in COMAR  The fee is $20 per licensee.

Due to a software upgrade, online payments and services will be temporarily unavailable beginning October 1, 2020. Until the services are available again, please visit the Forms section on the Board's website to download and print applications and request forms. The Board can accept payment in the form of check or money order.  If you have any questions, please contact mdotboard.user@maryland.gov or lauren.murray@maryland.gov.​

Instead download and mail in the verification request form.  Click here for a downloaded paper form.  

Written verifications will include:

  •     Licensee's name
  •     License Type
  •     License Number
  •     Date of Original License
  •     Status
  •     Expiration Date
  •     Derogatory or Disciplinary Information/Status of Good Standing (Yes or No) 

To view licensure information online click here


 Phone verification may be provided only if:

  •     By consumer request
  •     Employer emergency
  •     Imminent public harm

Phone verifications may include:

  •     Licensee's name
  •     Status
  •     Expiration Date
  •     Good Standing (Yes or No)

License numbers are not given over the telephone.