Maryland Register
Issue Date:  February 2, 2018
Volume 45 • Issue 3 • Pages 162—163
Title 10
Notice of Proposed Action
The Secretary of Health proposes to:
(1) Amend Regulation .12 under COMAR 10.32.01 General Licensure Regulations; and
(2) Repeal in their entirety Regulations .01—.07 under COMAR 10.32.07 Unlicensed Medical Practitioners.
This action was considered at a public hearing held on April 26, 2017, notice of which was provided by posting on the Board’s website,, from April 12, 2017—April 26, 2017, pursuant to General Provisions Article, §3-302(c) Annotated Code of Maryland.
Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this action is to repeal the registration fee and the entire chapter relating to unlicensed medical practitioners.
Comparison to Federal Standards
There is no corresponding federal standard to this proposed action.
Estimate of Economic Impact
I. Summary of Economic Impact. This proposal eliminates the $100 registration fee for unlicensed medical practitioners (UMPs). As a consequence, the Board estimates that there will be a loss of revenue as a result that may approximate $300,000.
Revenue (R+/R-)
II. Types of Economic Impact.

A. On issuing agency:
B. On other State agencies:
C. On local governments:
Benefit (+)
Cost (-)

D. On regulated industries or trade groups:
E. On other industries or trade groups:
F. Direct and indirect effects on public:
III. Assumptions. (Identified by Impact Letter and Number from Section II.)
A. There are approximately 3,000 unlicensed medical practitioners (UMPs)who have paid $100 to the Board as required. Thus, the Board will lose $300,000 of revenue. As the Board utilized existing resources to process these revenues, there will be some reduction in staff time for this function and there will be a slight decrease in bank processing fees. The staff previously assigned to process UMP registrations will be able to focus their time processing other types of applications in a timely manner.
D. The approximately 3,000 UMPs will no longer have to pay a $100 fee to the Board, saving $300,000 as group.
Economic Impact on Small Businesses
The proposed action has minimal or no economic impact on small businesses.
Impact on Individuals with Disabilities
The proposed action has no impact on individuals with disabilities.
Opportunity for Public Comment
Comments may be sent to Michele Phinney, Director, Office of Regulation and Policy Coordination, Maryland Department of Health, 201 West Preston Street, Room 512, Baltimore, MD 21201, or call 410-767-6499 (TTY 800-735-2258), or email to, or fax to 410-767-6483. Comments will be accepted through March 5, 2018. A public hearing has not been scheduled.
10.32.01 General Licensure Regulations
Authority: Health Occupations Article, §§14-205—14-207, 14-301, and
Annotated Code of Maryland
.12 Fees.
The fees are as follows:
A. (text unchanged)
B. Application fees.
(1)—(8) (text unchanged)
[(9) Unlicensed medical practitioner registration fee ... $100;]
C.—E. (text unchanged)
Secretary of Health