Youth to Young Adult Health Care Transition


What is Health Care Transition?

Health care transition is the process through which young people with special health care needs plan their move from the child-centered health care system to the adult-centered health care system. It is one of the many transitions or changes that all young people face as they grow up and become adults. Other transitions include transition from high school to college, vocational school, or work; and transition from home to community living. 
Why is transitioning to an adult-centered health care system important?

Transition to the adult heath care system provides:
  • Screening for and treatment of adult health problems
  • Greater emphasis on sexuality and reproductive health
  • Orientation to work and independent living.
And promotes:
  • Independence in care and decision-making
  • Normal social and emotional development
  • Positive self-image and sense of competence
Health is everything! Health can impact transitions in all other areas of life.​
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Videos on Transition Care

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