Surveillance and Evaluation Unit

For more information relating to cancer surveillance, please go to: Cancer S​urveillan​ce Information Resources for Marylanders

For data and reports, please go to: Maryland Health Department Cancer-Related Surveillance and Data Reports


The Surveillance and Evaluation Unit of the Center for Cancer Prevention and Control has been created as a result of the tobacco settlement under the Cancer Prevention, Education, Screening and Treatment Program of the Cigarette Restitution Fund (CRF) Program. The purpose of the Surveillance and Evaluation Unit is to:

  • Collect analyze, and monitor data relating to targeted cancers, non-targeted cancers as determined by the Department, and cancer prevention, education, screening, and treatment programs in the State;
  • Measure and evaluate CRF/CPEST screening and treatment programs in the State;
  • Compile baseline and bi-annual cancer reports.

 Surveillance Activities

 Evaluation Activities