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Welcome to the Maryland Center for Cancer Prevention and Control online resource for cancer information. This site is intended as a basis for online cancer surveillance information pertaining to Maryland. It is designed to address the need for greater access to cancer surveillance information, thereby increasing the use of cancer facts and data in Maryland by planners, policy makers, researchers, and citizens. 
This Web site offers easy access to the latest information on a wide range of cancer surveillance issues. Tracking cancer incidence, cancer mortality, and cancer-related behavior over time are providing especially valuable tools for analysis, planning, and action.

Examples of Information That Can be Found:

  • Incidence - Number or rate of newly diagnosed cases during a specific time period
  • Mortality - Number or rate of deaths during a specific time period
  • Stage of cancer - Category used to describe the extent of disease, often associated with prognosis
  • Survival - Number or proportion of patients alive at some point subsequent to the diagnosis of their cancer
  • Screening rates - Information on cancer screening rates for various cancers (e.g., mammography, Pap smear, colonoscopy)
  • Risk factors - Information on factors that increase risk of developing cancers (e.g., tobacco use, sedentary lifestyle)​