Center for Global Migration and Immigrant Health


​​​The Maryland Center for Global Migration and Immigrant Health works in collaboration with Federally-Qualified Health Centers, health providers, and community organizations to ensure that newly arrived ORR-eligible humanitarian immigrants (including refugees, asylees, humanitarian parolees, CHEs, SIVs, VoTs) receive a comprehensive health assessment, appropriate follow-up care, care coordination, referrals, and community-based health education. The program also works in collaboration with local health departments and community based organizations to support access to care, including immunizations, for migrant/seasonal/agricultural workers in Maryland.

Our priorities include:

  1. Identifying, preventing, and addressing significant public health conditions in the humanitarian immigrant population through: timely health assessment, treatment, connections to care, and referral. 
  2. Connecting humanitarian immigrants and agricultural/seasonal migrant workers to any additional needed culturally-informed healthcare.
  3. Providing an introduction to the U.S. healthcare environment through targeted health education to various immigrant populations.
  4. Providing technical assistance, resources, and training to healthcare and community associations who work with humanitarian immigrants and with Maryland agricultural/seasonal migrant workers.
  5. Developing and disseminating culturally-informed and language-accessible educational materials for the limited English proficient population.