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What is suicide?1

·        Suicide is death caused by injuring oneself with the intent to die

·         A suicide attempt is self harm with the intent of dying, but the individual does not die as a result​

The issue1​

·     ​10th    leading cause of death in the United States in 2017

·     One death every 11 minutes in the United States in 2017

·         Suicides and suicide attempts cost the United States $70 billion p​er-year​​


·         For individuals

·         Take care of your body

·         Connect with others

·         Take a break from stressful news

·         Seek professional help when needed​

·         For professionals

·         Strengthen economic supports

·         Strengthen mental health care

·         Create protective environments

·         Promote connectedness

·         Teach coping and problem-solving skills

·     Identify and support people at risk 

·​     Lessen harms and prevent future risk


For more information

Maryland Behavioral Health Administration

Maryland SPIN Suicide Prevention Infographic

Maryland SPIN Engaging Youth Infographic

Maryland211 website, dial 211, or send a text to 898-211


CDC Coping Guidance

More prevention

Governor’s Commission on Suicide Prevention

Veterans and Suicide

National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Suicide P​revention Lifeline


1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Preventing Suicide: Fast Facts. Violence Prevention. Published April 21, 2020. Accessed June 2, 2020.

2. Maryland Governor’s Commission on Suicide Prevention. 2018 State Plan. Accessed June 2, 2020.