The OHCQ educates providers, consumers, and other stakeholders though written materials, presentations, its website, and at conference and seminars.

OHCQ Fact Sheets    ​

​​OHCQ Annual Report​                                           HCQA Report

2016 OHCQ Annual Report​                                  2016 HCQA Report                                  

2015 OHCQ Annual Report​                                  2015 HCQA Report 

2014 OHCQ Annual Report                                  2014 HCQA Report              

2013 OHCQ Annual Report                                  2013 HCQA Report          

2012 OHCQ Annual Report                                  2012 HCQA Report              

Maryland Hospital Patient Safety Program        Joint Chairmen's Reports (JCR)

2016 MHPSP Annual Report                              ​

2015 MHPSP Annual Report                              ​​(p. 75, 2014) FY 2015 - April

2011 MHPSP Annual Report

2010 MHPSP Annual Report 

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