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Programs Regulated by OHCQ

OHCQ has oversight over the following types of health care facilities and community-based programs:

Ambulatory Care  410-402-8040 or 877-402-6005

​Birthing Centers

Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities

Cosmetic Surgery Centers

Freestanding Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Freestanding Renal Dialysis Centers

​Home Health Agencies


Hospice Houses

Major Medical Equipment Providers

Outpatient Physical Therapy Providers

Portable X-Ray Providers

Residential Services Agencies

Rural Health Clinics

Surgical Abortion Facilities

Assisted Living Unit   410-402-8217 or 877-402-8221

Assisted Living F acilities

Assisted Living Referrers


Adult Medical Day Care Unit    410-402-8217 or 877-402-8221 ​

Adult Medical Day Care Centers


Developmental Disabilities Unit   410-402-8100 or 877-402-8220

Programs Serving Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Forensic Residential Centers

Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Home Health Agencies

Nurse Referral Agencies

Hospital Unit   410-402-8016 or 877-402-8218

Community Mental Health Centers

Correctional Health Facilities

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Freestanding Medical Facilities

Health Maintenance Organizations


Limited Private Inpatient Facilities

Residential Treatment Centers

Transplant Programs


Laboratories Unit   410-402-8025 or 877-402-8202

​Cholesterol Testing Sites

Federal Waived Laboratories

Health Awareness Testing Sites

Hospital Laboratories

Independent Reference Laboratories

Physician Office Laboratories

Point-of-Care Laboratories

Public Health Testing Sites

Tissue Banks

Forensic Laboratories Unit   410-402-8025​

Employer Drug Testing Facilities

Forensic Laboratories

Long Term Care   410-402-8201 or 877-402-8219

Nursing Homes

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