Office of Health Care Quality Programs


The Office of Health Care Quality (OHCQ) is the agency within the Maryland Department of Health that monitors the quality of care in Maryland’s 18,032 health care facilities and community-based programs in 61 industries.

The OHCQ licenses and certifies facilities and programs throughout Maryland. Licensing authorizes a facility to do business in the state. Certification authorizes a facility to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid Programs. OHCQ surveys these facilities and programs to determine compliance with State and federal regulations, which set forth minimum standards for the delivery of care.​

Following is a list of the OHCQ programs and the industries they oversee.

Ambulatory Care


§  Birthing Centers

§  Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities

§  Cosmetic Surgery Centers

§  Freestanding Ambulatory Surgical Centers

§  Freestanding Renal Dialysis Centers

§  Health Care Staff Agencies

§  Home Health Agencies

§  Hospices

§  Hospice Houses

§  Major Medical Equipment Providers

§  Nurse Referral Agencies

§  Outpatient Physical Therapy Providers

§  Portable X-Ray Providers

§  Residential Services Agencies

§  Surgical Abortion Facilities

Assisted Living Unit


§  Assisted Living F​acilities

Adult Medical Day Care Unit​​


§  Adult Medical Day Care Centers

Behavioral Health


​​​§ Group Homes for Adults with Mental Illness

§  Mental Health Vocational Programs

§  Mobile Treatment Services

§  Outpatient Mental Health Centers

§  Psychiatric Day Treatment Services, Partial Hospitalization Programs

§  Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs​

§  Residential Rehabilitation Programs

§  Respite Care Services

§  Therapeutic Group Homes

§  Substance Use Disorder Providers​

§  Ambulatory Detoxification Programs

§  Correctional Substance Abuse Programs

§  DWI Education Programs

§  Opioid Maintenance Therapy Programs

§  Outpatient Treatment Programs

§  Residential Detoxification Treatment Programs

§  Residential Programs


Developmental Disabilities Unit

410-402-8100 or 877-402-8220

Individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities

Hospital Unit


§  Community Mental Health Centers

§  Correctional Health Facilities

§  Federally Qualified Health Centers

§  Freestanding Medical Facilities

§  Health Maintenance Organizations

§  Hospitals

§  Limited Private Inpatient Facilities

§  Residential Treatment Centers


Laboratories Unit

410-402-8025 or 877-402-8202

§  Cholesterol Testing Sites

§  Employer Drug Testing Facilities

§  Federal Waived Laboratories

§  Forensic Laboratories

§  Health Awareness Testing Sites

§  Hospital Laboratories

§  Independent Reference Laboratories

§  Physician Office Laboratories

§  Point-of-Care Laboratories

§  Public Health Testing Sites

§  Tissue Banks

Long Term Care

​​​​​​​Nursing Homes

MDS 3.0

Maryland MOLST

Advance Directives